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The Various Fields in Radiology

Radiology is an extremely specialized area of the medical profession. It is estimated that only 1.2% of physicians specialize in radiology. With that said, radiology plays an extremely important part in modern medicine, and jobs for those with knowledge of radiology are plentiful.

Radiologists, in contrast to other types of physicians, help diagnose diseases through the use of images. These images can come from x-rays, radioactive substances, or other ways of examining the inside of the body such as sound waves. Radiologists are not only trained to gather these images safely; they are also trained in how to interpret the images in order to diagnose a particular patient's medical problem. Often, those with radiology jobs work in specialized departments and regular physicians will refer patients to a radiologist if such an exam is needed.

Are you interested in obtaining a radiology job? There are some general qualifications for working in this field, regardless of what type of job you're interested in and where you wish to work.

Like all other types of physicians, radiologists must graduate from medical school and receive a license to practice. They are then required to complete four or more years of graduate medical education, usually in the form of a residency at a hospital or clinic. Radiologists should also be board-certified. This requires passing an exam given by the American Board of Radiology or similar organizations in the country where you wish to practice.

Areas of Diagnostic Radiology
Once a radiologist is graduated and certified, there are a number of radiology jobs available. Specialized fields of radiology jobs include:

Cardiovascular Radiology- these radiologists diagnose diseases of the blood system. Chest Radiology- these specialists focus on illnesses in the thorax area. This can include heart and lung diseases. Breast Radiology- this science focuses on the science of breast examination and illnesses such as breast cancer. Gastrointestinal Radiology- these radiologists focus on the gastrointestinal tract and stomach.

In addition to the various types of radiology jobs that focus on different parts of the body, there are also different categories of radiology that use specialized technology. For example, Computed Tomography (CT) radiology uses computer equipment to x-ray and examine bone as well as soft tissue. Interventional radiology uses fluoroscopy and ultrasound techniques.

Radiology Nurses
If you're interested in radiology jobs but have not or do not plan to graduate from medical school, it is possible to become a radiology nurse. Radiology nurses are expected to see patients through radiology treatment and provide plans for before and after any procedures. In order to become a radiology nurse, you will have to graduate from an accredited nursing school and then take various courses in radiology in order to become specially certified and licensed.

If you choose not to go into Diagnostic Radiology, which is the science of diagnosing illnesses, you also have the option of radiology jobs in therapy. Radiation therapy deals with the ongoing radiation treatment of cancer patients. There are several jobs available in this field, ranging from the oncologist who oversees the treatment to the nurses who care for the patients individually.

Radiology jobs are a huge part of today's medical industry and there's no shortage of positions available for those who are interested in this field. If you're looking for a radiology job, your best bet is to begin with your medical school or with local hospitals that may be hiring. The science of radiology changes and evolves constantly and those with the skills for radiology jobs are always in demand.

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