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How to Start your Career as School Psychologist

Employment of psychologists in all areas is expected to grow faster than average for all occupations in next 10 years. As more students are affected by family violence, crime, alcohol and drug abuse, the demand for counsel of school psychologists are in grow trend which translate into many career opportunities in this field. If you are interested to start your career as school psychologist, you are in the right career path which will bring you to a brighter future.

Education Requirement

The minimum requirement to be qualified as a school psychologist is varied from one state to another state in US. Most states just accept a master degree in psychology or counseling while state such as Hawaii and Maine require a minimum of doctorate degree to be qualified for the position. Unless you plan to start your school psychology career in Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania which accept a bachelor degree holder as school psychologist, you better go for at a master psychology or counseling degree so that your qualification is accepted in most states.

In term of education channel, you can choose to earn your psychology degree through a campus-based university or enroll in one of online psychology degree programs offered by your preferred online university. Online psychology degree has advantages over traditional campus-based degree program in term flexibility and convenient of learning from anywhere and anytime. Hence, it very suitable for working adults who are interested to advance their career and become a school psychologist because you do not need to interrupt your working life while maintaining your current life style.

Nature of Work

The main job functions of a school psychologist may include consulting with teachers regarding classroom behavior problems, administering standardized tests, and developing special programs for the intellectually and emotionally challenged students.

Generally, a school psychologist does not serve only one school, you normally need to divide your time between several schools in a geographic area. If therapy is indicated, the psychologist generally refers the child for treatment to a mental health facility in the community.

Other job responsibilities of a school psychologist may include teaching lessons on parenting skills, substance abuse and various topics pertinent to healthy schools. You may also need to do researches on the effectiveness of academic programs and behavior management procedures.

Career Advancement

If you have started the school psychology career with a master degree, further your education level to doctorate degree will increase your competitiveness and competency in your career field to move your career to the level of management position. While your experience gain along your career path will help you to move your career to higher level, you may choose to switch your career to other psychology related fields or be a consultant to several large organizations where psychology expertise is needed.


School psychologist has become an important position for schools and learning institutions. The high demand has created many good career opportunities for those who are interested in this field. You can safely secure a career as school psychologist with a minimum of master degree in psychology or counseling.

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