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Skin Treatment Solutions

Botox works great for instant line, furrow, wrinkle and frown reduction. The problem is it only lasts a few months, costs $300 - $600 or more, and right after the swelling heals is the best it will ever look and it slowly degrades from there. There are two other skin treatments that are also considered wonder treatments - TCA skin peels and Strivectin-SD. These can be used alone, but for a huge 15-20+ year difference in your skins youthfulness, they should be used in conjunction with one another.
TCA skin peels are, without a doubt, the most prescribed and used chemical skin peel. They are easier to use (less applications), have longer lasting effects and work on more skin problems than any other peel. TCA peels are currently used by doctors, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons throughout the country. They have been proven effective in the treatment and cure of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne (all types), freckles, sun damage, etc... Basically, out of the three wonder products (Botox, Strivectin-SD, and TCA Peels), only TCA skin peels will remove treat damaged or problematic skin areas) and it lasts the longest for a single treatment (about 6 months to 1 year). It is also the most cost effective of the three as it is now available direct to consumers. For this reason TCA skin peels should be made a part of every skin care regimen (men and women). They are now available for in home use at a great savings - under $30 - see the link below for more information on this.
Strivectin-SD was originally formulated for stretch mark treatment and reduction. By a strange turn of events, customers started applying it to their wrinkles and faces and found it would plump their skin and lightly fade facial scars (ie acne scarring, etc...). It became one of the most sought after products on the market and its price soared to over $100 for a small tube. Compared to Botox, it doesn't give immediate results, but according to the manufacturer, one tube of Strivectin-SD will last up to 6 months when used for wrinkles. It is also cumulative - so it slowly gets better and better. Strivectin-SD will give a more youthful appearance over time and works even better when used in conjunction with a TCA skin peel.
So there you have it, three items (Botox, TCA skin peels, and Strivectin-SD), all proven to have marked effects on facial skin. Used alone any one of them will produce visible results. Used in conjunction, one can literally make their skin look 10 - 15 years (or more) younger. All three have been used by doctors and will continue as such. The most cost effective of the three is the TCA skin peels. Regardless of which you go with, or if you go with all three, these products have been proven to create a more youthful appearance and glow.
About The Author David Maillie isan alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis. He holds numerous patents including his recently awarded patent for headlight cleaner and restorer. He can be reached at
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