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Cosmetic Procedure Of Tummy Tuck---An Overview

In the modern sensibilities pot bellied persons are viewed as the lazy lots who do not take enough care of themselves. The well groomed, fit look on the other hand is increasingly being associated with the image of successful men and women.

As most of the men and women approach their 40's, they start losing their natural toned looks. Busy lifestyle stops them from getting enough physical exercise to neutralize the effects of middle age; the situation is aggravated even more by wrong dietary practices over a long time. All these take their toll on the health and the most bizarre manifestation of all these is a protruding tummy.

In a nutshell, a tummy can kill the entire look of a person. It makes you look shorter, unattractive and older than actually you are. Thus it is not abnormal to find that most of the potbellied people---men or women----suffer from severe low self esteem.

The cosmetic procedure of tummy tuck can prove to be a blessing for these people. In fact, in the recent years, tummy tuck has emerged as one of the five most popular cosmetic surgeries taken up by the men and women in their middle ages. Some people experience the bulge in their middle of the body in a rather early age. Tummy tuck can be the only solution for these people for whom this undesired bulge has become a source of agony and unhappiness.

What is tummy tuck?
Tummy tuck is rather a colloquial term; the proper medical term of this particular surgery is Abdominoplasty. This surgery involves removal of excess skin and fat from the middle and lower part of the abdomen followed by the tightening of the abdominal muscles. In the end you get a flatter abdomen and a slimmer waistline. By doing away with loose, sagging skin and excess fat, it gives the middle part of your body a toned look. The incisions are made much lower, so that scars of the surgery are usually vanished under the line of a swimsuit or underwear.

When you need a tummy tuck
Just imagine how a deflated balloon looks like after you take out all the air from it! There is little difference between skin of our abdomen and a deflated balloon. The women who experience rapid weight loss followed by pregnancy are the worst suffer from this deflated balloon syndrome. This happens due to skin's inability to return to normal state if it stretches beyond a certain point. The same thing happens in all cases where a massive weight gain is followed by rapid weight loss. Exercise can not take back the stretched and creased skin to their previous state. The tummy tuck cosmetic surgery is the only solution to get back your flat and toned abdomen.

Sometimes weakened abdominal muscles are the cause of many medical complications like back pain. In these cases, tummy tuck is performed as a corrective measure. You are entitled to get insurance coverage when, tummy tuck is performed as a corrective surgery.

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