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Medication Error : an Abuse for Patients
Medication Error : An Abuse For Patient Kamal Shah1*, Nagendra Singh2, Jiteendra Ku. Gupta1 and Pradeep Mishra3Lecturer, GLA Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Mathura (U.P.)*,1Research scholar, Dr...
Programs in Herbology - Eastern or Western?
With an ancient healing history as diverse as its therapeutics, programs in herbology are offered in a variety of natural healing schools -- including the natural health practices of naturopathy, home...
Courses in Holistic Medicine
Earn your professional diploma in the healing arts when you enroll in courses in holistic medicine. Among the subject matter in these holistic medicine programs are in-depth studies in anatomy and phy...
Naturopathic Programs - Teaching Principles of Healing
Naturopathic programs provide comprehensive training and education (Typical courses range between four and five years.) to prepare candidates to become qualified doctors of naturopathic medicine (ND)....
Courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine
For the worldly or curious individual, there are courses in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that teach the foundations and principles of TCM. Some of the healing therapeutics that are offered in th...
Courses in Naturopathic Medicine
Courses in naturopathic medicine are perfect for individuals, who have a sincere interest in alternative and complementary medicine. While there are a few introductory programs in naturopathy, there a...
Programs in Herbal Medicine
There are several programs in herbal medicine that meet the educational needs of prospective natural healers. In addition to learning all aspects of how plant medicine is used, students enrolled in th...
Programs in Chiropractic Medicine
Students interested in becoming licensed chiropractors can choose from 16 accredited programs in chiropractic medicine in the United States. However, before you rush to apply, know that applicants sho...
Programs in Chinese Medicine - From Acupuncture to Tuina
Programs in Chinese medicine offer health career-minded students unique ways of learning about alternative and complementary healthcare systems. In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge in the histor...
Courses in Oriental Medicine
When you enroll in courses in Oriental medicine, you will be pleasantly surprised at the diverse assortment of holistic treatment modalities that these programs entail. Among some of the popular thera...
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