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Who Can Have Laser Eye Surgery?

If you are dependent on glasses or contact lenses, you may wonder if laser eye surgery is an option for everyone. Many people today are rushing out and finding an eye surgery so they no longer have to wear corrective lenses, however, if you are not a good candidate for the procedure you may soon learn that the complications are not worth the risk.

Before you make that decision, you should look at everything that is involved including the number one thing to know. Is the eye doctor licensed to perform laser eye surgery? There are not as many licensed ophthalmologist as you might think. Ask to see the certificate to ensure they know what they are doing and learn how many times they have performed the procedure. It would also be in your best interest to find out how many times they have performed the procedure with blades and without blades.

Learn what risks are involved and if your own expectations will be met with laser eye surgery. Many people that have this procedure learn that they still have to wear glasses for night vision among a few other vision problems. Just because this procedure helps you to see clearer, does not mean that you will have 20/20 vision. Be prepared for less than perfect vision.

Laser eye surgery is expensive; however, if you divide it out over the years it will amount to less than purchasing glasses or contacts each and every year. Talk with your insurance carrier, in some cases; they will cover part of the costs.

Individuals under the age of 18 cannot have laser eye surgery. The eyes are still developing and do not have refractive stability yet. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, persons with diabetes, or those taking medications that cause variations in vision are not good candidates for this procedure.

The best way to learn if you are a good candidate is to discuss this with your health care provider before you visit your eye doctor or ophthalmologist. Individuals that have conditions such as shingles or herpes around the eyes should give this important information to the eye doctor as well as any other health problem associated with the eyes such as any eye disease, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, keratoconus, or other eye surgeries.

Just remember, laser eye surgery is surgery! With all surgeries, even elective surgeries there can be complications such as infection and other diverse reactions. The best thing to do is to discuss your expectations and your concerns with your doctor and your ophthalmologist.
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