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Recovering After LASIK Eye Surgery

Without a doubt, there are great benefits for people that undergo LASIK eye surgery. These changes will have an ever-lasting effect on the person's life from the moment the surgery is complete. Like any other type of surgery, though, a recovery period is also required after having LASIK.

Since the surgery affects your eyesight, the recovery process is different compared to the majority of other surgeries that affect your bones. As with any surgery, you must also realize that there are risk factors involved, too. Because of recent research and development, though, the chances of something going wrong has dramatically fallen to less than one percent.

The after-effects can be similarly compared to being pestered by a bug on a hot summer's day that you simply can't do anything about. You will experience varying burning and itching of the eyes, but you absolutely can't scratch, rub or cool the eyes, since any touching could have an adverse effect on the LASIK surgery.

Your eyes might get very watery and tear up a lot, which can cause blurry eyesight, but once again, you ought to not touch your eyes under any conditions. On the flipside, your eyes may become dry and bloodshot, and taking some period off to let your eyes rest should probably be advisable. Although all these effects may appear uncomfortable and even annoying, if you experience severe pain after the surgery, don't hesitate to contact your doctor's office at once.

You won't be able to wear any contact lenses for a certain period of time after the surgery, either. This is because the contacts might result in additional irritation. Strong perfumes and lotions could also cause your eye to get irritated. It's also a good plan to refrain from contact sports or extreme physical activities for several days.

After the LASIK eye surgery, you may have to use eye drops or artificial tears for a while to help with lubrication. Your doctor could also urge you to wash your eyes with water constantly to help impede infection from occuring.

Your doctor would require a number of follow-up visits after the eye surgery, for up to 6 months. Within the first 2 days you should see your physician for a post-operative examination, where he or she will remove the shield and check that everything is healing the way it should.

After the eye surgery, your vision may take several months to stabilize. During this recovery time, varied small visual impairments may crop up. These symptoms can incorporate halos or glare due to the healing method, which is normal, but if it persists after several months, you should contact your doctor immediately.

With patience and care, you will pull through the recovery period and will appreciate all the improvements in your vision as a result of the surgery. After all, things will never look the same to you again!
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