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Anorexia Symptoms Should not be Ignored

Anorexia symptoms usually surface in young people around puberty. This condition involves the people intentionally starving themselves to lose weight. It always involves the person experiencing extreme weight loss. People who suffer from this condition often look emaciated; however, they feel that they are still overweight.

In many cases, people with this condition need to be hospitalized because they are so under nourished. An individual with anorexia symptoms will be terrified of gaining weight. They refuse to maintain a body weight that is consistent with their particular build. They are obsessed with food and weight. They could partake in unusual eating rituals, such as refusing to eat in front of anyone.

An anorexia symptom with women is that they could lose their monthly menstrual cycle. A man could become impotent. The majority of sufferers of this condition are women. Another symptom is that the individual will keep to a strict exercise routine in order to prevent any weight gain at all.

Another peculiar eating habit that is an anorexia symptom is that the person will often cut their food into tiny bite size pieces. It also involves eating one piece at a time. A sufferer of this condition could also experience periods of binge eating because they are in fact so hungry. You may notice the person is constantly weighing himself or herself before and after eating. Even though they may not be eating, they could be talking about food all the time. They may prepare meals for friends and family but not participate in eating any of it.

Anorexia symptoms can be biological, behavioral and physical as well. Rapid weight loss of up to fifteen percent of a person's body weight is often associated with this condition. Regardless of the symptoms, it is extremely important that the individual suffering from this condition seek professional help as soon as possible. The first step would be to contact your physician.

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