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Eating Disorders

Treatment for Eating Disorder
Warning Signs of Eating DisorderMany people worry about their weight, what they eat, and how they look. This is especially true for teenagers and young adults, who face extra pressure to fit in and lo...
Eating Disorder
Most people know that eating disorder will have bad effect on one's health. Nowadays, thanks to the good standard of living, there are more and more people with eating disorder. This habit empowered ...
Binge Eating Disorder - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Binge eating disorder is probably the most common eating disorder. Binge eating also occurs in another eating disorder called bulimia nervosa. People with binge eating disorder frequently eat large am...
How to Stop a Binge if You Have Bulimia
To stop a binge is probably the most difficult tusk for a bulimic. All sufferers say that when the thoughts come about binging it is nearly impossible for them to stop. And the longer it goes on the ...
Anorexia Symptoms Should not be Ignored
Anorexia symptoms usually surface in young people around puberty. This condition involves the people intentionally starving themselves to lose weight. It always involves the person experiencing extrem...
Binge Eating Disorder
Binge eating disorder is characterized by compulsive overeating in which people consume huge amounts of food while feeling out of control and powerless to stop.The key features of binge eating disorde...
Eating Disorders and Body Image - Prevention Tips and Treatment Methods
Eating disorders are not due to a failure of will or behavior. Eating disorder is a complex compulsion to eat, or not eat, in a way which disturbs physical and mental health. A person with anorexia ne...
Bulimia Symptoms That You Can Observe
People with bulimia are very secretive about their disorder. For this reason it is very difficult to notice anything as an observer. Bulimics look normal to other people. Even close family members ini...
Diabulimia: Scary Things Teens Do to Get Thin
"M" was an attractive, effervescent 18 year old girl when I first met her. As one of my roommates, she loved to be around her friends and talk non-stop. She also would steal several bags of Milanos ...
Bulimia Nervosa Causes Symptoms Information With Treatment
Bulimia Nervosa is best considered as three separate illnesses that share the essential features described above. They will be discussed below under three different headings; Simple, Anorexic, and Mul...
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