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Restart your Smile

By J.S. Ronette-Washington, DC-The old song says "a kiss is just a kiss, a smile is just a smile" but these days, when it comes to appearance-a smile means a lot more than ever.
"People often ask the same question: What are the best ways to make my smile look better?" says Dr. Daniel J. Deutsch, at the beautiful spa-like facility at the Washington Center for Dentistry, in Washington, DC. "Men and women, of all ages, are aware that a young, fresh, happy smile makes them look younger, fresher, happier!"
Today's dental patients consider their smile to be an integral part of their overall look. And Dr. Deutsch offers many cosmetic dentistry procedures to get a better smile. Five of the most popular are:

Whitening Teeth: Lighter teeth-with either an in-office Britesmile session or at-home bleaching trays-brighten the look of a smile, radiating warmth. "Dark teeth always make people look older," says Dr. Deutsch. "That's why our patients usually start with whitening before they get new veneers or crowns. We like to match the porcelain restorations with a lighter color to lighten the smile."
Reshaping Teeth: Over the years, teeth get worn down, and can end up with an unappealing shape. These teeth can make a person look older. Esthetically reshaping individual teeth with dental bonding, giving them a more pleasing shape, goes a long way toward rejuvenating a smile.
Gum Lift: Many smiles suffer from a gum line that is too low on the more prominent upper teeth. When more gum tissue shows than is necessary, then teeth appear shorter, less appealing. Merely removing additional gum tissue, and lifting the gum line, creates a younger look to a smile.
Straightening Teeth: Invisalign-"invisible braces"-is a wonderful, adult-friendly way to straighten a smile. Patients find that wearing a series of custom-made, clear plastic trays is an extremely easy way to realign teeth-without anyone knowing! Many Invisalign users wore braces during childhood, and their teeth have shifted.
Crowns and Veneers?: All-porcelain restorations are miraculous in improving the shape, color and alignment of teeth. Porcelain veneers can dramatically improve the appearance of front teeth, while crowns provide both functional and aesthetic improvement for all the teeth in your smile. They can dramatically change a smile for the better!

About The Author If you find that your smile makes you look or feel older, these are just a few of the options that are offered by the Washington Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.
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