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Fear and Cancer: Maybe the Answer in Itself

The first thing that flashes through the mind of a recently diagnosed cancer patient is something along the lines of, "I'm going to die now." It's sadly that simple, and it's that simple because that is what the public has been told. The relationship between fear and cancer, however, must be understood more clearly.

Before we go further, two facts: one simple and one sad...

The simple fact is that cancer does not have to be a death sentence.

Fear can very easily create the condition we commonly call cancer. The long term effect of chronic fear on the immune system is extremely bleak because the results are extremely damaging. Realistically, mammals all develop cancerous cells throughout their lifetime but they remain unaware of this fact because the immune system recognizes the threat and eliminates it.

Basically, the immune system does its job by becoming aware of a threat and neutralizing it. The relationship between fear and cancer is basically the relationship between fear and the immune system. Chronic fear depresses the immune system and then the immune system is not capable of dealing with the threat. The threat then blossoms and becomes cancer as we know it.

The increased access to information over the last three-quarters of a century has caused the fear level of the public to skyrocket. Many things used to occur on the other side of the world which could have been cause for alarm. Because it took a week or more for news to travel around the world, however, we didn't hear about most of it. Now we have immediate access to detailed information about the smallest problem in a tiny village in Africa.

Combine this fact with the global economy that has been built around the industries of cancer and disease. Suddenly, we have an environment where fear is a basic living condition for a large segment of the population. We also have an industry which thrives on the despair created by fear. There is very little difference between promoting the products created by these industries and peddling fear to the public. Rationally, these industries may not even intend to create this fear in the public, they are simply pushing their wares like any other organization. The end result, however, is the same: the creation and maintenance of worldwide fear culture.

Fear and cancer are insidious together, because cancer is seen as a fairly random threat. While there are certain factors that we do control, most people view the threat as something that strikes people for reasons we don't understand and can't explain.

Add to this whole mix the fact that cancer is supposedly incurable. This belief, more than any other factor, is responsible for the ravages of cancer in our society. The medical community at large must embrace the fact that cancer is not incurable; it just isn't something that pharmaceutical drugs and hospital visits can cure. As soon as a patient hears that they have cancer, but it's curable and here are the steps to follow...we'll see an amazing turn around in the instances of fatal cancer in this world.

Because the medical community is unwilling and unable to do this, it's up to the patient to explore other options. These options exist for you and have an incredibly better track record than the standard cancer therapies. These treatments are non-toxic and highly successful, two things that cannot be said about traditional cancer treatment.

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