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Alzheimers: The Disease And Cure

Alzheimers is a kind of neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by gradual loss of brain function. The disease first targets the memory part of the brain. Hence the first obvious symptoms are generally some forms of amnesia that is loss of memory. Rather Alzheimers is a general form of a disease known as dementia. Dementia is a generic term used to denote gradual loss of the memory part of the brain or some similar function.

All that Alzheimers involves in the primary stage is the loss of memory. Persons affected find it hard even to remember general facts like the day or name of the month. They begin forgetting facts more often than a normal person, forgetting proceeding of recent past.

Usually old memory gets affected in this initial stage. The affected person may remember his old friends or members of family but sadly cannot recall the interactions he had in recent past.

As Alzheimers advances, the affected person usually begins showing complicated behavior. By and by they become paranoid, sensitive to anger, over reactive to trifle things, suffer from hallucinations and sometimes get violent.

Though the individuals who were shy, fearful or inactive by nature prior to the disease, also show such symptoms. In the second stage of Alzheimers individual lose the motor control of the brain and need assistance even in their daily routine like dressing or answering the call of nature. They also lose the ability to utter clearly even read and write. And the old memory also gets affected in this stage and the person affected may not even remember his own family members or fast friends.

In the subsequent stage rather the final stage complete loss of memory results in when the affected person does not recognize anyone. They fail to talk; walk or do some personal hygienic function or even can eat on their own. They begin losing weight at this late stage often sleeping vulnerable to seizures. Alzheimers ultimately descends to death due to loss of brains function.

Although there happens to be no cures for the disease, still some treatments are available that can arrest the pace of the disease and an optimistic host of new from the treatments. Our enhance comprehension of biology and human genetic codes lead many scientists believe that in future some form of permanent or effective treatment would be available in near future. No doubt results of the some studies show that particular life style such a balanced diet and regular exercise may reduce the chances of disease spreading further.

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