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Achieving A Hypnotic State Through Self Hypnosis

The following steps will create a hypnotic state in most anyone providing they are practiced regularly. The observed results can be very surprising and impressive. They are so easy and simple to use that virtually anyone can now use the fantastic powers of self hypnosis.

Before getting started, let us examine some things that will enhance our chances of success. For starters, do not force the results of self hypnosis. Trying to make things happen will only hurt your chance of success. Just think of self hypnosis as a tool for removing obstacles you have built against the result you want. And when the obstacles are gone, the desired result will flow to you naturally. In reality, this is what is actually happening anyway.

Do not overanalyze any event that happens in your life. Although you will probably do this in the beginning, that is only human, but after the novelty wears off you will learn to let things happen naturally.

Just remember that you may or may not know that you have reached a hypnotic state. No two people experience self hypnosis in exactly the same way. Keep in mind that the hypnotic state is always a pleasant experience.

Finally, be aware that self hypnosis is a skill and that you will get better with each session and that will give you results in the long run. The way effective approach is to set up a regular schedule and allot about thirty minutes.

The first step in self hypnosis is to slow down your thoughts and get relaxed. While it is virtually impossible to force your mind to relax, you can always work on getting relaxed physically and then let the mind will follow. Relaxation is something that certain people are naturally better at than others, but the skill can be learned over time.

A common technique is to concentrate on relaxing each body part and work the entire body from top to bottom or vice versa. It is important thing that you take your time and not rush this step. Relaxation can take anywhere from a half hour to just a few seconds.

After feeling relaxed, the next step is to deepen the state of relaxation. One of the more popular techniques of deepening is to use the count down technique. You simply count down from 20 or 100, and allow yourself to going deeper and deeper into the relaxed state. Do not count out loud when doing this procedure as you want as little physical involvement as possible. This is the actual step where hypnotic states occur. You most likely will not be aware of this as a beginner, but it will eventually happen.

After reaching a deep state of relaxation, the next step is to use suggestions. Bear in mind that the relaxation and deepening steps have prepared your mind to be more receptive to suggestions. Thus, your subconscious mind can now start to become influenced by your suggestions. It is more effective to apply suggestions that have been worked out ahead of time. They should be short and brief and you should have them memorized so that you can think them to yourself.

The last step is to end your session. A person could always just open their eyes and get up, but this is not a good idea at all. You should always identify the end of each session to provide a formal division between the hypnotic state and ordinary consciousness. This accomplishes two things. It tells your subconscious that the session is finished, and it prevents your self hypnosis practice session from turning into a nap.

Will it take weeks or even months to get into a good hypnotic state? Probably not. Some people have an amazing experience on their very first try. Others might practice for several days before they notice something good happened. Just keep practicing and you will eventually get there.
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