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Does Your Child Have ADHD Symptoms?

An ADHD diagnosis is not accurate until formal tests have been given by a licensed psychologist or other mental health professional. Unfortunately, it is often school teachers who make the diagnosis, although they usually have no qualifications to do so. It is best to be cautious in labeling children with ADHD when this may not truly be the case.

Often times, symptoms of ADHD are similar to many other things, and it is extremely important to be careful in the process of evaluation. It is essential that school teachers keep their eyes and ears open. If they notice that a child is having difficulties, they must inform the parents, so that the child can get tested for ADHD and other learning disabilities early on. Some children do not get tested, and end up unnecessarily struggling in school and later in life.

After is has been decided that a child should be tested for ADHD, a decision should be made regarding which ADHD test should be taken to evaluate for the disorder, of the several different effective ones that are available. However, the first step that should be taken, should be to rule out a physical disorder that has similar symptoms to ADHD, such as a thyroid problem. A general physician or pediatrician will be able to rule this out.

After the child has seen a medical doctor, the next step will be to meet with a psychologist or other licensed mental health professional. They will be able to give your child the necessary tests to diagnose ADHD. You can find specialists through CHADD, which is national organization operating in the USA, which educates and helps people with ADHD.

When you find a qualified mental health professional, your first initial meetings will involve your child and a family member that has known the child since they were young. The mental health professional will get a detailed personal history from your child's point of view as well as from the family member's point of view.

After this, tests such as TOVA (Tests of Variable Attention) will be given to check for the presence of ADHD. This is a 23 minute test, and is accurate in distinguishing whether or not a test subject has ADHD. It is important to get formal testing to determine whether the child is struggling with ADHD, or possibly something else, such as a learning disorder.

Other disorders that may look like ADHD are depression and anxiety disorders, Tourette's Syndrome, early onset bi-polar disorder, conduct disorder and possibly other emotional problems or disorders. It is very important to keep this in mind during the process of evaluation.

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