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Helpful Strategies For Teaching ADHD Children
Impulsiveness, lack of attention and hyperactivity are the common traits of children with ADHD. All of these can make it hard to teach children in a school environment. Therefore it is important that ...
8 Must-Have Skills to Manage ADD
A lot of adults with ADD perceive themselves constantly weighed down with every day life. They may wake up feeling like they are behind the schedule on all the things they have to do, use up the entir...
ADD and the Gift of Resilience
Attention Deficit Disorder challenges people in diverse ways. A number of us have the most difficulty in fixing attention and thinking, just as a few of us have a big trouble in managing feelings. No ...
Does Your Child Have ADHD Symptoms?
An ADHD diagnosis is not accurate until formal tests have been given by a licensed psychologist or other mental health professional. Unfortunately, it is often school teachers who make the diagnosis, ...
Strattera, the New ADHD Medication
The newest ADHD medication Strattera (atomoxetine) is expected to hit the pharmacy shelves this month to much ado. What separates Strattera (atomoxetine) from the rest of the ADHD medications pack is ...
ADD / ADHD Children : Being Your Child's Best Friend
Do you live with an ADD / ADHD child? If so-- my hat is off to you! ADD / ADHD children are brilliant, full of energy, smart as a whip (as grandma says), and tons of work. They are also the rising sun...
Parenting ADHD Children
Raising an ADHD child can be extremely difficult for the entire family. Therefore, learning parenting skills that are specific to raising a child suffering from ADHD is extremely important, not only f...
Is Ritalin Safe for Treating Adhd Children?
Ritalin is one of the most prevalent drugs used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is prescribed to thousands of children under the age of 18 every year. While Ritalin has ...
What Causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
Today there is an increase of awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, consequently this has led to a better understanding for children and adults who once were considered a fami...
Is ADHD a Real Disease?
In other words, many children diagnosed with ADHD may simply be bright, normal kids, full of energy and bored out of their minds sitting in public-school classrooms.In his testimony to the Pennsylvani...
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