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Treatment Patterns In A Drug Rehab Center

The purpose of a drug rehabilitation center in the society is very noble. Yet the reason behind this noble cause is highly undesirable and detrimental. A drug-free lifestyle is what a drug rehab center wants to gift to the society. And the centers are really pouring in their utmost dedication and effort to make this world better and a safer place to reside in.

No one avenue of treatment is projected by a drug rehab center. There are several ways of treatment which have been formulated as per the intensity of the problem being faced by the patient.

The broader division

Intensive outpatient program
Outpatient program (general)
Inpatient program

Precise differences

The name of each of these programs stated above is focusing to the initial idea how these programs differ from one another. Yes the basic difference lies in the provision of treatment pattern. The intensive outstation program and the outstation program - both are first of all non-residential treatment procedures. But the inpatient program as the name suggests has to be residential in nature.

Cause of the variation

The duration of treatment also holds importance in these tree patterns. You can pretty well make out that the inpatient program will require more time than the other two types. And the variation in the first two treatment procedures is determined by the condition of the patient.

A new young chap who has just been introduced to the drug addiction world can be treated with thorough counseling and therapeutic techniques through two to three sittings in a week. Mild dose of medicine might be required but the treatment can be successful even without that.

In intensive outpatient treatment procedure the basic paradigm remains the same as the outpatient treatment procedure but the weekly hours for the counseling session is increased. A minimum of sixteen to twenty hours has to be dedicated to the drug abuser to show him the right path in due course of time. In this case too the addiction has not reached the zenith level.

The inpatient treatment is for those who have just made a mess of their life through this deadly practice over the time. It has been often traced out that such persons are involved into other unfair means and there is a high probability that they have criminal records.

In inpatient treatment they will be kept in the rehab center for a couple of months and the treatment will look after every aspect to get him back to the normal way of living. The time period may be increased depending upon the healing progress of the person. A proper support and care is given to the individual to develop a stable mental and physical health with emotional and spiritual insights.

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