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Elements of a Smoking Habit

Let's pretend you wanted form a habit. And not just some wimpy habit, but a major, mind controlling, and life changing habit behavior. Where do you start to make it a really strong habit that will feel impossible to break? There are three basic ways we learn habits; emotions, authority figures, and repetition.


Now, let's pick a person for our example. How about you when you were 10-14 years old. And for this example, let's use the habit of smoking.

When you were in that age range we can assume you were learning about your life and how you fit into it. You may not have felt as sure about yourself.

Kids that age sometimes feel self-conscious, dependent on others, powerless, not good enough, or??. We'll call this feeling "bad". This is not saying you felt miserable, but maybe didn't feel "good" as you thought you should feel? Did you feel as "good" as you thought other people felt?

Maybe, maybe not. If you sometimes felt "bad" you probably wanted to feel better, you wanted to feel "good". What your mind would see as an answer to this problem would depend upon your experiences and life lessons up to that point. Right?

How does a person learn things like that? Emotions, authority figures and repetition. You probably saw authority figures smoking - parents, family, friends, role models, and of course, advertisements. Smoking is perceived as tough, strong, independent, self-assured, and unique. All the "good" feelings you were feeling a lack of.

This would start a feeling in your mind, the beginning of a craving. A part of you that believes smoking is what your life needs to fix the bad feeling. Not just in a "knowing" way, but a "feeling" way. This concept will make the most sense to someone whom has tried to quit any strong habit, you know your "feelings" are stronger than your "knowing" any day.

Eventually you smoked your first cigarette, and DID feel better, sort of. You weren't too good at smoking the first time. You had to practice to get good at it. And you did.

Time passes and you continue to reinforce the emotional associations with your triggers. If you feel tired, stressed or angry, you want to smoke to get that refreshing "ahhhh" feeling.

If you've tried to stop smoking before, you may have already thought of these things. And you've spent time thinking and analyzing your habit. But, you didn't learn this habit by thinking and analyzing, so why would trying to quit smoking that way?

It is common sense to quit smoking using the same elements that created the habit. A "hypnotized" mind, along with emotions, authority figures and repetition. These are the elements of modern hypnosis.
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Elements of a Smoking Habit
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