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Drug Rehab Treatment Centers: Are They Helpful?

UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) after taking a long survey on drug addicts has come to a conclusion, "The drug-related problems experienced by many drug users are compounded by the general lack of accurate, practical and realistic information about drugs." Thus once someone is trapped in the clutches of this irresistible addiction, the guy ends up ruining his life. That's the ultimate truth; of course a bitter one.

Matter of choice

The drug rehab centers have been specifically designed to support the acute patients affected badly through drug use to come out of this deadly world. If it were a matter of choice then no one would really think of getting admitted to a rehab center before getting addicted to drugs. Thus choice of a drug rehab center is not left to the drug user. Rather it becomes the primary concern of his/her near and dear ones to bring him back to the state of healthy living.

From first use to addiction

How does anyone get addicted? It is definitely not a matter of a single day's instance. There is a substance called dopamine produced by drugs. The more it is in your body, the more you feel relaxed and good. And as a consequence you want more. Finally you are drawn towards it to a point where you have no control over your desire. Thus you are addicted and you can do anything to get it.

Counseling at rehabs

The rehabs try to change the state of your mind. It works stepwise to understand your problem and make you feel what you are suffering from. The rehab boosts the confidence level of a patient and gives him every type of support required both mentally and physically.

It is not that you can stop using drugs from the very first day you join the rehab. The first thing the doctors and the counselors try to decipher your problem. This takes place through long informal conversation. Then it is accompanied by a question-answer session. The family members and friends are also involved to understand the mental status of the patient. Is it a case of depression? Or is it due to bad company at the tender adolescent period? All these queries are noted and orderly documented.
The rehab center slowly guides the patient to see life with a positive outlook. The dose of drugs is gradually lowered and medicinal support is provided. The patient is made to follow an active schedule with more involvement in different works. And the rest is left on time.

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